Vampires in America 7 days of giveaways!

Enter below for a chance to win during D.B. Reynold’s 7 days of giveaways!

For 7 days, beginning Friday the 13th, we’ll be giving away something to champion the Vampires in America series and its newest release ADEN. Keep on the lookout for surprise sales and offerings along the way.

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 Friday the 13th giveaway: An autographed copy of ADEN

winner: Kim Johnson

 Saturday the 14th giveaway: Red topped wine-to-go cup

Red wine . . . for the vamp in all of us. A sip here, a nip there.

winner: Marissa Vann

 Sunday the 15th giveaway: Vamp Red, Hand-crafted Scarf

winner: Cathe Green

 Monday the 16th giveaway: Drink Responsibly, Read Recklessly T-Shirt

winner: Lynda Hooks

 Tuesday the 17th giveaway:  Complete Vampires in America eBook Series with brand new covers

winner: Jan Jackson

NEWLY RELEASED Wednesday the 18th giveaway: Vampire Goodie Bag

winner: Larena Hubble

NEWLY RELEASED Thursday the 19th giveway: Vamps in America Hand-crafted Stocking

winner: Rebecca Nadeau