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Halloween Short from Howard Odentz

Posted on 31. Oct, 2017 by in Blog, Blog Week, Book Deal, Books, Horror, Paranormal, Supernatural

Picture Perfect Meadowfield – 1987 by Howard Odentz Thirteen-year-old Garrett McCarthy pumps the pedals on his ten-speed bike as he glides through the darkened neighborhoods of bucolic Meadowfield, Massachusetts. He weaves in and out of the shadows cast by street lights, whistling a tune that’s been stuck in his head all day. It happens to […]

Author Spotlight: Lora Lee

Author Spotlight: Lora Lee

Posted on 08. Oct, 2017 by in Big Deal, Blog, Blog Week, Book Deal, Books, Holiday, Meet the Author, Uncategorized

Reflections From My Front Porch by Lora Lee Hey there, y’all! Come on up and sit a spell on my front porch. It’s a lovely Fall afternoon, so relax in that rocker over there and let’s visit. Did you know there’s a Clergy Appreciation Day? You didn’t? Neither did I. I even checked my calendar. […]

National Psychic Week – Who knew?

Posted on 02. Aug, 2017 by in Blog, Blog Week, Books, Holiday, Paranormal, Psychic, Supernatural

It’s National Psychic Week! That means that we have great books *with a psychic twist* on sale! Don’t miss out! The sale ends August 5th! *sale is for ebook only* The Manicurist by Phyllis Schieber – $0.99 A magical novel of secrets revealed and a family in turmoil, searching together for new beginnings. Tessa and […]

Author Spotlight: Howard Odentz

Author Spotlight: Howard Odentz

Posted on 12. May, 2017 by in Big Deal, Blog, Blog Week, Book Deal, Books, Everyday Antics, Meet the Author, Uncategorized

LOOK!!! A Highland Coo!!! I just came home from a 10-day tour of Scotland. The whole country is beautifully bleak, with rolling hills in the lowlands and towering mountains in the highlands. By a very thin margin, the national asset is arguably the sheep or the highland cow (pronounced coo). The people are friendly. The […]

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