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Persephone by Kaitlin Bevis – $0.99 

On sale May 20th – the 26th!

The Daughters of Zeus, Book One

One day Persephone is an ordinary high school junior working at her mom’s flower shop in Athens, Georgia. The next she’s fighting off Boreas, the brutal god of Winter, and learning that she’s a bonafide goddess—a rare daughter of the now-dead Zeus. Her goddess mom whisks her off to the Underworld to hide until Spring.

There she finds herself under the protection of handsome Hades, the god of the dead, and she’s automatically married to him. It’s the only way he can keep her safe. Older, wiser, and far more powerful than she, Hades isn’t interested in becoming her lover, at least not anytime soon. But every time he rescues her from another of Boreas’ schemes, they fall in love a little more. Will Hades ever admit his feelings for her?

Can she escape the grasp of the god of Winter’s minions? The Underworld is a very nice place, but is it worth giving up her life in the realm of the living? Her goddess powers are developing some serious, kick-butt potential. She’s going to fight back.

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Lord of the Storm by Justine Davis – $1.99 

Book 1 of The Coalition Rebellion Novels

Her every wish is his command. He lives only to serve her desires.

A warrior. A sex slave from a conquered world.

What will he do to her if she sets him free?

Shaylah Graymist, ace fighter pilot for a brutal intergalactic Coalition, is given a slave as a reward for heroism in battle. The incredibly virile slave named Wolf wears a collar which controls him completely, allowing her to make him do anything she wants. Yet Shaylah has an old-fashioned belief in love and refuses to take advantage of him. A tense friendship grows between her and Wolf, along with deep desires he refuses to admit. The Coalition destroyed his people. He won’t betray their memory.

When Shaylah returns to battle, Wolf rebels and is sold to a prison colony. She frees him, and together they journey to his home planet. As she learns more about Wolf, she begins to question her loyalty to the Coalition, and the passions between them burn out of control.

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Shadow Lover by Anne Stuart – $1.99 

Victim. Lover. Both?

His dark game is seducing her— just as it had when they were young.

How can he still have that power over her? Eighteen years ago, she saw him die.

Wealthy, selfish, and greedy, the McDowell family raised Carolyn McDowell—a foster child—like a modern Cinderella. Neglected and ignored, good-hearted Carolyn adored scion Alexander despite it all, though even he tormented her.

When Alex ran away one night, Carolyn followed and witnessed his murder, though she never told anyone. Her beloved Alex died when he was seventeen. There was no doubt.

Eighteen years later, Carolyn returns to the decadent milieu of the McDowell clan to care for her dying foster mother, Sally. As greedy relatives gather to claim their inheritances, a stunning stranger arrives, claiming to be Alexander. To Carolyn’s utter shock, Sally greets her “son” without question, and no one but Carolyn believes he’s a fraud.

As she delves into the mysteries of both the past and present, Carolyn quickly realizes that the resurrected Alex is a dangerous combination of seduction and power. Is this stranger after the McDowell fortune, or is he really, somehow, the Alex of old, come back to claim her? How can he be an imposter and yet know family secrets only the real Alex would remember? Was someone helping him?

What would you do if the boy you loved returned almost twenty years later, and you fell in love with him all over again—even if you were sure it couldn’t be him?

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The Moon Rider by Virginia Brown – $1.99 

Rhianna knew he didn’t remember her. She shouldn’t be surprised, but she was gravely disappointed. He’d left her behind without a thought so long ago, yet she had never forgotten him . . .

Her revenge will make him even more notorious.

No longer able to properly care for her ailing father, Rhianna disguises herself as the infamous Moon Rider and takes to the highways to secure the funds she so desperately needs. She intends to let the dangerous highwayman take the blame for the robberies.

Yet they share perilous secrets, and the discovery will shock them both.

Hardened by his past and the demands of his country, the sixth Earl of Wolverton waits in the dark for this reckless beauty who dares to impersonate the Moon Rider. She cannot be permitted to wreck his carefully orchestrated plans.

Rhianna’s revenge will ignite a passion that burns out of control as their lives entwine in a deadly game of espionage and abduction.


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Dirty Harriet by Miriam Auerbach – $1.99

Book One of the Dirty Harriet Mysteries

Goodbye mansion, hello Hog. This former Boca Babe is now a Biker Babe with a rap sheet and a license to track down bad guys and solve crimes. Go ahead. Make her day.

Harriet “Dirty Harriet” Horowitz had it all. Money. Plastic Surgery. Servants. Then her husband raised his fist one time too many, and she shot and killed him. Now, she lives in the South Florida swamps, rides a Harley, and owns a private eye agency. Her best friend—the only friend who makes sense anymore—is an alligator named Lana.

Then the Contessa von Phul, a woman from Harriet’s society days, hires Harriet to investigate the death of a Mayan immigrant worker. With her assistant Lupe—an eccentric civil servant—and a .44 Magnum, Dirty Harriet hits the mean streets of Boca Raton to dig for clues. What won’t she do to uncover the truth? Her search for answers forces her to return to her old world of Boca Babes and McMansions. When she discovers scandal after scandal, will she be able to escape Boca with her life—yet again?


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Her Perfect Earl by Beth Pattillo – $0.99

One priceless manuscript. Five untamed children. A widowed earl in search of an heiress. And a scholar-disguised-as-a-governess with designs on his library.

Has a happy ending ever been more unlikely?

Plain Esmerelda Fortune must make her own way in the world, which is difficult for a lady when the men of her class seem to want beauties with no brains. She plans to take employment with the Earl of Ashforth for as long as it takes to gain access to the Life of Corinna—a rare manuscript rumored to belong to the earl and the key to her paper for a scholarship prize. That prize will allow her to open a school for young ladies who want more from education than painting and embroidery skills.

Julian, Earl of Ashforth, needs an heiress or the Ashforth name and estates are forfeit. Julian is no stranger to sacrifice and duty in the name of maintaining the Ashforth façade of perfection. He’s resigned to marry for money, but first he must tame his unruly children. Miss Fortune seems the perfect candidate for the job—that is until the gray-eyed governess arrives at Ashforth Abbey and proceeds to turn his life head over ears.

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The Journey Home – $0.99

Soldier, Warrior, Rebel . . .

He makes you cry for his pain and cheer for his victories. He fills your daydreams and remains etched in your memory for all time. He’s the wounded hero—the most compelling figure in romantic fiction. And he’s about to wrap himself around your heart and never let go.

The award-winning, bestselling authors of The Journey Home have conjured an inspired collection of stories about this beloved icon whose soul bears the scars of time and fate. In each passionate and magical tale, you’ll meet an irresistible warrior who’s facing the aftermath of a conflict. You’ll meet, too, the courageous woman who wants to tend his wounds, help him rebuild his shattered dreams, and give him the love he needs and so richly deserves—if only he will let her.

Ten romantic encounters of the extraordinary kind, each proving what the heart knows is true—that the most powerful healer . . . in any time or place . . . was, is, and always shall be love.

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Sweetie by Kathryn Magendie – $1.99


A coming of age story, set in the mountains of North Carolina, where two girls learn about friendship and family, love and loss, loyalty and betrayal.

Friendship. Courage. Hope.

For shy, stuttering Melissa, the wild mountain girl named Sweetie is a symbol of pride and strength. But to many in their Appalachian town Sweetie is an outcast, a sinister influence, or worse.

This poignant and haunting story takes readers deep inside the bittersweet heart of childhood loyalties.


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The Biscuit Witch by Deborah Smith – $1.99

Part One of The MacBrides

This time, the MacBrides are home to stay.

Dear Dr. Firth:

I know you are in your cups at this time, drinking, taking pills, and sleeping under trees, but I have some experience rehabilitating lost souls in that regard, and so I am enclosing a box of my biscuits and a cold-wrapped container of cream gravy for dessert. Please eat and write back.

We need a veterinarian of your gumption here in the Crossroads Cove of Jefferson County.

–Delta Whittlespoon, proprietress of The Crossroads Café

Welcome back to the Crossroads Cove where new loves, old feuds, and poignant mysteries will challenge siblings Tal, Gabby, and Gus MacBride to fight for the home they lost and to discover just how important their family once was, and still is, to the proud people of the Appalachian highlands.

Tallulah MacBride hasn’t been back to North Carolina since their parents’ tragic deaths, twenty years ago. But now, Tal heads to cousin Delta Whittlespoon’s famous Crossroads Café in the mountains above Asheville, hoping to find a safe hiding place for her young daughter, Eve.
What she finds is Cousin Delta gone, the café in a biscuit crisis, and a Scotsman, who refuses to believe she’s passing through instead of “running from.” He believes she needs a knight in shining flannel.

When a pair of sinister private eyes show up, Tal’s troubles are just beginning.

For Tal’s brother and sister—Gabby, the Pickle Queen, and Gus, the Kitchen Charmer—the next part of the journey will lead down forgotten roads and into beautiful but haunted legacies.


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Wiccan Moonlight by Lori Schiele – $0.99

Book 2 of The Wiccan Sisterhood

A fiendish crone is plotting against Alex and her werewolf lover . . . and that’s just the beginning.

Things have settled down for practicing witch, Alex Grisham. It has been two years since evil touched her life and that of her Sisters in the Laurel Tree Coven. And her love life is incredible—her partner Dan is everything she ever wanted in a man, even if he is a werewolf. All is well.

If it weren’t for the dreams . . .

Alex has been plagued by menacing nightmares, centering on a malevolent old woman working some sort of dark magic. The dreams leave her on edge, waiting for the worst. Still, she tries to discount them as only her imagination.

Until the murders start.

Someone is committing ritualistic killings in Alex’s community. Alex and her Sisters get involved in the case, but any answers they find only lead to more questions. Meanwhile, trouble is brewing for Alex at home. Dan is fighting his inner wolf . . . and the wolf seems to be winning.

Then Alex discovers the chilling truth. The crone in her nightmares is very, very real . . . and she’s been controlling Dan’s wolf. But Dan is just a part of a much bigger plan. The old woman is creating the ultimate ritual, one that will unleash an ancient, unholy evil on the world.

Alex has to find a way to stop her—even if it costs her the life of the man she loves . . .

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The Twelve Sacred Traditions of Magnificent Mothers-in-Law by Haywood Smith – $0.99


A very Southern mother-in-law’s humorous advice to mothers-in-law everywhere.

From the multiple New York Times bestselling author of The Red Hat Club. Bestselling author Haywood Smith and her pals have lots of personal experience in the joys, sorrows, pitfalls and flat-out hysteria of Mother-in-Lawness.

Now Smith offers a handy and fun booklet of pithy advice to mothers-in-law everywhere. Smith’s sassy observations and gentle wisdom are delivered with her trademark southern charm, packing the sweet, heady punch of bourbon ice cubes melting in a mint julep.

The Twelve Sacred Traditions of Magnificent Mothers-in-Law is the perfect gift book for showers, engagement parties, family celebrations or just to share with that special DIL (Daughter-in-Law) or SIL (Son-in-Law). It can even safely be given to a Mother-in-Law

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