Danica Patrick and Taylor Swift—Really?


How do these two women make it into one blog post you might ask? Opposite in looks, opposite in careers, yet similar in so many ways.

First they are both household names. Danica, maybe not in every household, but I’d bet most people at least know the name if they don’t know who she is or what she does.

Then there’s the breakthrough factor. I mean, isn’t that what we all want when writing our novels? The breakthrough factor?

Taylor has managed to keep it clean and keep it hot—all while staying true to who she is. What I admire about T. Swift is the fact that she writes all her songs and music. You know you’re hearing her truth when you listen to Swift.

And Danica? Not many females have broken into the racing world, and none have done it like Danica. I’ve started calling The Speed Channel the Danica Channel. J Her talent and tenacity are amazing.

Breaking out isn’t easy. I don’t think either one of these ladies would tell you anything different. I think they would tell you it’s hard work. It doesn’t happen in a day, or even a year. And I know Swift is still so young, but she started this when she was barely a teen, so yes, she’s been at it awhile.

Breaking out involves learning every aspect of craft. It involves finding your voice and staying true to it despite the nay-sayers. It involves drying those tears after a rejection and putting those fingers back on the keyboard.

How about mentoring those around you? How about finding your own mentor? Yes, both aspects are crucial in this writing journey. Both keep you grounded when you start doubting everything you’ve ever done in this crazy career.

This writing journey is filled with the same obstacles that people like Taylor and Danica face. As writers our talent and tenacity have to shine. Our ability to stay true to who we are is what will keep the readers turning page after page.  Our willingness to show the world what we are passionate about will change lives and inspire others.

Our breakout might mean someone else’s breakthrough.

Are there people who inspire you to breakout?