Of Spies and Slaves

Become acquainted with the brave heroine from Jane Singer’s novel, Alias Dragonfly!

When teenage Pinkerton spy, Maddie Bradford, lands in the seething, pestiferous broth that is Washington, D.C. during the Civil War, slavery is legal and will be until April 16, 1862.

Her boss, Alan Pinkerton, a known abolitionist who aids escaping slaves, as well as using them as invaluable helpers and spies, exposes Maddie to a network of black operatives working out of her aunt’s boardinghouse. She forms an especially strong bond with her aunt’s cook, Nellie, and her son Isaac, a young man who hides escaping slaves in the cellar.

The grim doings of slave catchers become all too real for Maddie. Death and the specter of death haunt this heroine as she must find a way to help her friends while risking her own life. She is still a spy in training and must prove her worth.


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