Arlene Kay
Swann Dive
Swann Songs


by Arlene Kay


When is the right time for an author to end a series? As readers we never want to see the last of beloved characters who have almost become family members. As authors we know that it is preferable to end our series at its peak rather than see our fictional friends decline to a mere shadow of themselves. I think of series I have loved that simply went on too long and became derivative shells of their formerly vibrant selves. (No names, please).

I faced this dilemma with two of my series, (the Grace Quinn/Patrick Fong mysteries), and the Boston Uncommons saga from Bellebridge books. With the former, the story line played out after six books. Ending the tales of Eja and Deming was more challenging. Many readers have since told me that four books were NOT enough to satisfy them. Although I have since moved on, I am considering a Christmas novella featuring the Swanns. Think of Boston, blizzards, and bodies—with a baby or two thrown in. How seasonal can one get?

Ultimately although the outcome rests with a number of players, one factor supersedes them all:  the viability of plot and characters. Authors owe their best effort to both readers and their literary creations.


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